What they DON’T tell you about being prego

Ever since my sister-in-law had my nephew and a ring was put on my finger, the amount of times that I’ve been asked “When are YOU going to start having kids?” is ridiculous.  Because of the obscene amount of questions I’ve been asked and the hints that I’ve been “given,” the focus that should be on my wedding next month has slowly shifted onto BABIES.  What do I do when I don’t know about something? I research. Anything and everything I can to get a good base for what I’m in for-especially because every woman’s body is different. However, during my research, I came across a lot of interesting, yet scary topics. For example: Bump itchiness (due to tummy stretching), not being allowed to take specific pain medication medicine (holy sh*t! ), the constant peeing, not being able to sleep, cankles, and being advised to not travel to places with mosquitos (wtf)!?!

Seeing that my sister-in-law and other friends go thru their 9 months, it’s clear that there are a lot of things that these parental magazines and advice columns DON’T tell you about. Since my sister-in-law is still going thru her first few months of having a newborn, I figured it would be better and more beneficial to find a Mommy who has slightly more experience. I reached out to my friend Ashley Gilday who recently had her firstborn and has time to run her own kickass food and wellness site, for her help. She has graciously answered some questions that I feel like ALL of us girls would like to know before we committ to a bump. So without further adieu:

Pre pregnant:
How did you find out- Stick, Doctor? What do you think is most reliable way?

Initially I found out by an at-home pregnancy test (stick), but then verified at the doctor via urine test.

What’s the first thing that you realize starts to change ? (Mood, body, cravings, sexually)? 

My mood changed a bit, nothing crazy, but was a bit more “all over the place” initially. I also noticed intense cravings for fruit juice, berries- basically anything tart!

Being Pregnant:

What was the most painful or uncomfortable time during your pregnancy? 

My third trimester. I am very active and your body releases a hormone called relaxin when you are pregnant, so it’s easy to get injured during this time…towards the end I had almost constant sciatic nerve pain and my hips hurt. I was uncomfortable. Sleep became tough too at the end since I was so big!


Did you feel comfortable to work out?

From a body image standpoint, I was not self conscious to work out, it was just uncomfortable. It became more difficult, physically, towards the end since I was so much bigger than I usually am! I also had a heart condition that flared up during pregnancy so I had to keep my heart rate at a “safe” level. It was tough mentally, to not work out as hard as I could before I became pregnant, but I got through it and took a lot of long walks!

Were you shy to show your bump at first?

No! I could not wait for it to “pop”! I felt awkward for a while- chubby- like I wanted to tell everyone I was pregnant and not just eating a few extra slices of pie at night!

Were you concerned about the numbers on the scale?

Not really, no, but everyone will comment on your size. See I was “in-line” with the suggested weight gain up until my 3rd trimester, and then I started to become a little concerned. I wrote an entire post about it on my blog – it’s insightful… http://ashleygilday.com/2015/05/14/pregnancy-obsessed-with-my-size/

What was the most craziest thing you craved ? 

BEER! Not convenient while you are pregnant!

Was intimacy during pregnancy weird ?

Not really. It was fun!

What was something you missed/craved that you couldn’t have until post-baby ?

See above…BEER!


After baby:

Describe your labor pains…

YIKES!!! The worst pain I’ve ever felt, because you cannot relieve the pain of contractions. They stop when they say so.

Do you remember anything random that happened to your body before the baby was out?

My heart rate and the baby’s heart rate both dropped right before he was born. That was scary, but it just meant that he was ready to make his debut!

Was it uncomfortable with so many people looking underneath the blankets ?

Nope- not at all. They’ve seen it all!

With so much pain, would you consider have more children?

Absolutely! And with Epidural!

What’s the most “interesting” thing about post pregnancy, reg your body changes ?

My sex drive isn’t as high as it used to be. It sucks, but I know it will come back… I make it a point to find my sexual self to be fair to my spouse. This is something a lot of people don’t talk about…

What’s one thing you feel you wish you would have told yourself before you got Prego, to prepare yourself?

Honestly, nothing. Something I would tell others is wait until you are ready to have your world flipped upside down and inside out. It’s not all about you and your spouse anymore (or just you if you are single). That baby needs you and you must be there for them. Period. I wrote a post on my blog about this too – check it out- http://ashleygilday.com/2015/10/12/new-mom-not-about-me-anymore/


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