Healthy (Kind of) Drinking

With all of the different types and modifications of alcohol over the years, I don’t know how I’ve survived all of the temptations over the years. I’ve truly never really been into beer, frozen margs, super fruity drinks, etc.. From when I began drinking to even now, I’ve always enjoyed liquor focused beverages, more than the “cute” drinks or heavier brews. And I must say, knowing what I know now about alcohol and its “nutritional” content, sticking to stiffer drinks has actually been my saving grace.

After experiencing a lot of foodie events, my first round of bachelorette activities (a.k.a. its deathly hangover), and as I prepare for my friend’s future bridal events, I decided to do some heavier research on what drinks are “best” for you to sip on throughout the night, without feeling super heavy the next morning. Here are my six tips I’ve found:

  1. When ordering that vodka-water-lime, or in my case (VWL), tequila-water-lime (TWL), ALWAYS go for the club soda or straight up H20 over carbonated waters. I know, I like the bubbles too, but doing this eliminates added sodium and other bloating causing factors.Soda-Water
  2. Go for the SHOTs instead. I bet you’re thinking “I’ll  look like a sloppy mess if I shout out shots right?” Wrong! Those fancy or fruity cocktails can pack in some serious calories in addition to the (barely) one shot that’s already mixed in. In this case, take the shot over the cosmo, at least you can see what you’re consuming. shots
  3. TEQUILA PLEASE(yassss!) my favorite choice of liquor happens to be one of the healthiest types out there. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it’s gluten-free and naturally sweet (if you are a lover, you can taste that). If you get a stiff TWL, it’s a great way to save some $$$ because it’ll force you to sip on your drink – unless you’re following Rule #2.tequila1900-4
  4. Red Wine OVER white. Again, you may be a white wine girl, but I’d advise you to go red, heavy and deep red. I mean once you’ve hit 5 glasses, you can’t really justify that you’re being super healthy, but you are making a “healthier” anymore. Red wine is still is the best type of wine out there.redwine
  5. Dark beer over light! If you are a beer is your go-to, go for the super heavy DARK types like Guinness, over the lighter/hoppy IPAs. Researchers found that a pint of Guiness was about as effective as low-dose asprin in preventing dog’s blood from clotting, reducing their risk of a heart attack. Guinness also contains flavanoid antioxidants which work as anti-inflammatory. My way of thinking is = Heavy Beer, I’ll feel full faster, spend less money, have a good buzz, and won’t (feel like I’ll) die of a heart attack.

    Guinness for strength
    Guinness for strength
  6. The CHAMP diet is a real thing: The more bubbles you can find in a bottle, the closer the champs relates to the benefits of red wine. Champs also gets your drunk faster (hence those rosy cheeks) AND contains fewer calories than wine . I’ve also heard that champs ironically helps with memory and improved skin. Although this champs diet in particular is probably a fluke, I wanted to showcase for entertainment purposes.
  7. champs


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