Rebooting for 2016

I realize that I’ve produced a few posts related to anti-juice cleanses. However, with my recent tummy problems and constant bloating – I began to research different types of cleanses to partake in. Although I really do not like drinking juice for three days and starve as I watch my hubs-to-be eat real food, my normal detox/food aids were not helping. My number one requirement when searching was finding a product that doesn’t leave me feel STARVING/miserable/grumpy.  As I was about to give up, I remembered this small store in Lincoln Park I used to live by – City Press Juice.

Photo Courtesy of City Press

I went in, talked to co-owner, Angela, about the different types of cleanses -pure juice cleanses, raw foods + juice cleanses, or a “reboot cleanse” using blends with superfoods. Intrigued by the Reboot, I asked more questions. Once I learned that these blends were filled with nutritious ingredients and were thicker (shake like) than the usual juices, my decision was quickly made. 5 glass bottles later, I began the first day of my Reboot Cleanse:

(Bohemian Harvest was not available during my entire cleanse time-frame)
East of the Lake

I usually started off my day with EOTL just because it was the darkest gloomy color-how my mood usually is walking to work. However, that doesn’t mean that this blend was grumpy on flavor. Made with spinach, gogi berries, hemp seeds, almond milk, banana, and walnuts, this drink was one of the more tame flavored beverages (Because I’m allergic to walnuts, Angela kindly swapped out the nuts for a double dose of hemp). Please note, don’t let the color of this blend fool you, it tastes WAY better than what you’d expect.


This label says it all, laying by the water drinking a citrusy / coconuty drink is exactly what this drink reminds me of. Filled with coconut meat, maca, mango, pineapple, coconut oil, chia seeds, and citrus, the Beachside is bright change of pace from the normal juicy beverages.


Mother Nurture

Although the greenest and the most juice-like of them all, I don’t mind these flavors one bit. With every sip, I feel healthy and light, just like it tastes. Blended with coconut meat, kale, maca, banana, and pear, this drink is excellent for lowering blood sugar, helping with anxiety, and even burning that unwanted 2015 fat!  Mother Nurture is a perfect mid morning drink to sip on while I await for my favorite juices the rest of the day.

Incan Warrior

Next on the list is my second favorite blend, the Incan Warrior. I will admit, once I saw the color of this blend, I got extremely excited. I mean, you have to admit, it’s a nice change of pace from the normal veggie tasting blends.  Containing raw cocoa and a bunch of other superfoods (like coconut oil, dates, cinnamon, maca, chia, and house-made almond milk) the Incan is the perfect guilt-free “treat” to sip on during your cleanse process.


Sun Goddess

The fifth and my personal favorite blend of the bunch is the Sun Goddess. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Leo and I love things with summery themes / colors, but I think this drink’s flavor is by far the best. With almond milk combined with spirulina, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and banana,  the SG is easy and enjoyable sip. You can pat yourself on the back because this drink in particular helps with allergies and toxins within your body. For someone like me (and my hubs- to be) who has a handful of allergies per season, this drink is perfect to have on hand. Not to mention, it’s my favorite color (aqua green).

What did I think?

Although I’m sure you’ve  heard from other bloggers  that they “weren’t hungry,” on their cleanses, I was truly rarely hungry. I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no way when you’re doing a traditional juice cleanse that those water – consistent drinks suppress your hunger. If you say they do, I know for a fact you’re lying. I’ve done four standard juice cleanses in my life thus far and each time, I’m cranky, I’m bitchy, I’m horrible to be around-because I’m starving. However, this time around, I chose to cleanse the right way for my body.

The Reboot cleanse was not only tasty, but the blends were satisfying because they were full of substance and not thin. Not to mention, this is the first time during and after a cleanse that I experienced some memory clarity. I had more focus, I had more drive in barre/in pilates, and best of all, I felt AMAZING. Sure, with the reboot totaling in over $140+ for three days of organic blends, it’s extremely pricey. Especially when I’m planning a wedding and paying off student debt like the rest of us- However, with the results I’ve experienced I truly feel that the idea of this cleanse is worth the investment.

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