How to Stay on Track While Traveling

In addition to my after-hours foodie life, my 8-4 job requires me to travel about two weeks out of each month. Although I knew what I got myself into when first accepting the position, it’s definitely harder and more annoying than I have thought. Not only are there more FOMO temptations on the road, but it’s also harder to workout. Even though I’ve gotten my eating while at home down to a tee, it’s not easy to eat or “feel clean” when you rely on restaurants for food. Here are some travel tips I’ve adapted during my travels:


Instead of resorting to a carby dinner because you have nothing to hold you over in your room, check out the local grocery store or just a regular CVS for some snacks. Some of my go-tos are unsalted almonds, protein bars (my favorite are Quest and Larabars), or frozen fruits – anything that looks remotely paleo and carb free. Sure it’s not the most appealing, but it’s definitely better than eating that entire bag of pita chips or opting for a pizza at dinner.

Drink Up

One thing I have a hard time doing while I’m on the road is drinking water. When I’m working from the home office, I usually drink around 5-6 bottles a day. However, when I’m traveling, it’s really easy to forget to keep hydrated. Mostly to fight off early morning cravings, I immediately knock out my first bottle before 9am, to get my body moving. Since I bulletproof-fast until around 1pm, drinking lots of water throughout the day keeps my tummy feeling full and my mind fresh. Plus drinking water is just really good for your body, as you all know! My fave brands are Trader Joe’s or SmartWater – anything plain tasting with electrolytes.



Although I luck out and get some pretty sweet locations, like my current in California or New York City, the majority of my travels are in smaller Midwest cities in the Midwest. When I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, try to keep up with my workout regimen is definitely hard. Being an avid Classpass user, it’s frustrating to travel to locations where there is no Classpass in sight. However, if you plan ahead, you can actually plan for a nice “off week” for your body from your normal workout routines. Since I primarily do pilates, barre, yoga, and spin while I’m home, while I travel, I try to switch it up and do Tabata workouts, running on the dreadful treadmill, or even focusing on lighter weight training.



When surrounded with co-workers who are not shredding and eat whatever they please (envious) this to me, is the most difficult thing to overcome. Sure, I might want to join in and have one of those onion rings or few slices of bread, but at the end of the day, I  have to personally decide on your goals for the day. If I’ve done a harder workout in the hotel gym, then I’ll allow myself to have one slice of bread. If I was too tired to wake up and workout, I’ll opt for a salad + protein for dinner.  I’m a firm believer that you have to pick and choose your battles. You may not get to indulge as much as you want, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about balance.

Jet Lag

Although I don’t suffer from this a lot, of the few times that I have grinned and bared thru jet lag, it was miserable. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for jet lag, just ways to deal. First and foremost, as long as you are traveling somewhere for less than a week, it’s best to stay with your normal time frame, even if that means going to bed at 7 p.m. local time. To prevent much more jet lag on your return home, it’s better to keep your body functioning on the same schedule. However, if you are jet lagged, one great helper is working out. Sounds quite odd, but trust me, it helps. Sometimes your body just needs a “jolt” of energy to snap out of the fogginess.


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