Just live your LYFE

Sure we’ve seen these restaurants pop up around town, but what exactly is LYFE Kitchen? Another health food concept? Another place that offers an overpriced salad in Chicago? Only dining at LYFE a few times, I can tell you with confidence that this is the most complex, yet simple restaurant I’ve ever visited. It may seem overwhelming at first, seeing that there are over three menus to glance at before ordering, but within the menus is a COMPLETE breakdown of each menu item. From the calories, to the protein, to whether it’s paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, LYFE gives it to you straight, which is one of the reasons why I love LYFE AND have decided to become a brand ambassador.

I’m all about the no frills, clean eating, and decently priced food – who doesn’t right? Even before healthy food was a buzz word, I’ve been extremely passionate about learning about the foods that goes into our bodies. Clean, healthier food can obviously promote weight loss, medical improvement, but it also impacts your mood. I notice that whenever I ate “bad,” and I mean fried food, heavily buttered, anything that you can think of that’s totally not good for you, I feel sluggish, grumpy, and regretful. However, I’ve learned over the years, that if I’m going to eat “bad,” I’m going to at least eat a “healthy-bad.” What is that you ask? Well, not to sound like a total promoter, but i mean, check out LYFE’s menu – more specifically the menu at Lincoln Park’s New City location. Healthy-bad to me means carbs. To some, it might mean sweets. But there are “healthy bad” items plus just healthy items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are at your fingertips.

Here’s just some of what I munched on & my thoughts:

Margherita Flatbread

Although I’m not a pizza lover at all (weird, I know), if it’s my cheat day, a long long plate of carbs is exactly what I’m aiming for – especially when its only 511 calories. Pretty awesome right? Although topped with fresh mozzarella, basil, pomodoro sauce, and cherry tomatoes, the star of the dish is the crisp and crunchy house-made crust.


Quinoa Crunch Bowl

If you put  (edamame) hummus, crunchy vegetables, and quinoa in a salad, I’m all ears. Sure the dish isn’t totally carb free, but it’s a way healthier version that grabbing that pasta, white sauce, and garlic bread instead. But the best part? This salad is big enough to take half home with you for a different meal = please note: you just then consumed half the 541 calories. That’s a definite win in my book.


Farmhouse Burger

Last but certainly not least is the American staple, the burger. How does it differ from Five Guys or Shake Shack? Coming in around 555 calories (bun and all), this burger is made of a 100% grass fed beef patty and then topped with a variety of tasty toppings. Sure I mean you might taste a lot of fried and cheesy goodness at Burger Bar or another local fast food joint, but the Farmhouse Burger is tasty enough to speak for itself. It has the same amount of flavor with less than half of the calories.


Pro Tip: For those who have children, check out LYFE’s “Little LYFER” menu. Don’t worry, all of the options actually look and taste child friendly.


And you have enough room for dessert, you’re in luck-LYFE has a few sweet items to choose from. Between chocolate chip cookies (156 calories) and two types of chocolate budinos (206-252), you can sleep easier at night knowing that these are healthier ways to satisfy your sugar fix.

Photo Courtesy of My Everyday Eats


Besides your typical smoothie, coffee, or tea, try out the in-house LYFE waters a.k.a. (vegan and gluten free) non-alcoholic drinks that are both super good for you and downright delicious. My favorite, the Orange Ginger Chia, is made with fresh squeezed orange juice, chia seeds, filtered water, lime, ginger, and mint. It’s refreshing, crisp, and tasty enough for any time of the day. PLUS, now that LYFE serve booze, stop by your local storefront before you head home to catch their happy hour menu, it’s worth it- I swear with my LYFE.

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

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  1. How the heck can that pizza be only 511 calories?? Sign me up!


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