How to Stay on Track While Traveling

In addition to my after-hours foodie life, my 8-4 job requires me to travel about two weeks out of each month. Although I knew what I got myself into when first accepting the position, it’s definitely harder and more annoying than I have thought. Not only are there more FOMO temptations on the road, but it’s also harder to workout. Even though I’ve gotten my eating while at home down to a tee, it’s not easy to eat or “feel clean” when you rely on restaurants for food. Here are some travel tips I’ve adapted during my travels:

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Behind the Scenes of Cotton Duck

The Behind the Scenes series entails insight from behind the chef’s counter and a restaurant’s outlook of its past, present, and future. 

Nestled right off of Damen Ave, it’s no surprise this new concept is flourishing via word of mouth. Ukrainian Village’s newest gem, Cotton Duck has been delivering nothing short of spectacular dishes since day one. CD is a BYOB hybrid offering contemporary American styled comfort food with modernist execution. Basing the menu around its rotating debuted artwork, CD is constantly evolving. Whether your wanting something sweet, savory, heavy, or light, there is an array of items to choose from to capture any type of craving you have (brunch or dinner).

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Just live your LYFE

Sure we’ve seen these restaurants pop up around town, but what exactly is LYFE Kitchen? Another health food concept? Another place that offers an overpriced salad in Chicago? Only dining at LYFE a few times, I can tell you with confidence that this is the most complex, yet simple restaurant I’ve ever visited. It may seem overwhelming at first, seeing that there are over three menus to glance at before ordering, but within the menus is a COMPLETE breakdown of each menu item. From the calories, to the protein, to whether it’s paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, LYFE gives it to you straight, which is one of the reasons why I love LYFE AND have decided to become a brand ambassador.

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