How to Cleanse without Juicing

With all of the holiday foods, shredding for a wedding, or just trying to reset your body, we have all come to a time in our lives where we’ve wanted to go on a “cleanse” – usually being a juice cleanse. However, once you look at the price tag for a three day juice package, the plans for that cleanse quickly diminish. I mean with rent, student loans, classpass, and spending money, who can really afford to blow $99-$200+ on bottles of juice, only to feel absolutely MISERABLE and hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good juice here and there; I’ve also done a few juice cleanses in the past, but with all of my expenses + planning a wedding, I’ve been looking for alternative ways to “cleanse” without breaking the bank…

#1 No-Bread, No-Sugar Cleanse a.k.a. the 21 Day Sugar Detox

Are you craving donuts or cupcakes? Is that froyo on the corner calling your name? For the past month, those sugar attacks have been happening to me. For a split second, I thought I was going to have a shotgun wedding, however, after I realized it’s because of the weather change and being less strict on my dieting, I knew that I needed to detox my body to get it back to normal. I recently did a modified version of the 21DSD a few weeks ago and am still doing versions of this in between my tastings. Long story short, to follow this “cleanse”, there’s no eating any starches, carbs, etc. or sweets (in my case froyo). That means no bread, no oatmeal, no pasta-no carbs. By focusing on eating simpler meals like lightly seasoned protein, lots of vegetables, and little to no fruits, your sugar and carb cravings will slowly, but surely lessen each day. Trust me, it’s hard, but I love not feeling “puffy” or heavy from all of that sugar.

Spiced Pumpkin Cake by Paleomg

#2 Raw Foods

Now I will warn you, this diet is probably the hardest diet to follow. Living a raw diet requires a lot of discipline and tedious preparation. It also means your eating-out-options are extremely limited. As simple as it sounds, eating raw is very hard. You have to drill down to every ingredient you put into your mouth. Why go raw if it’s so hard? Cooking food takes out a lot of food’s natural nutrients. Especially if you’re trying to be extremely healthy and want a challenging cleanse, start slow and begin to examine foods that you’d be allowed to eat. There are a ton of foods I found out that are not raw, as I had thought. Take for example frozen vegetables. Although it’s easy to assume that those vegetables are raw, it’s been confirmed with a number of manufacturers that the veggies are blanched before they are frozen. Interesting to know huh? However, here’s a quick list of some dos/don’ts of eating raw.

Raw Pizza by This Rawsome Vegan Life

#3 The Bulletproof Diet

I’ve actually been following this diet since the beginning of November and to be honest, this has been the only “cleanse” where I still wake up with a flat tummy every morning. The whole concept is drinking coffee (yes, the butter coffee you’ve heard of) for breakfast and not eating lunch until 1pm, following dinner by 7pm. Sounds ridiculous right? I thought so too. But this bulletproof coffee is special because it’s clean coffee aka no mold from the beans like in Starbucks, DD, or Folgers. An easy way to tell it’s not bulletproof style = a caffeine crash. Once you have organic/cold pressed/non moldy coffee, add in kerryman’s butter and Brain Octaine Oil – it sounds really odd and nasty, but those two things will make your mind click on and keep you semi-full until lunch. The idea is to save your carbs for dinner- which i know goes against everything we were taught, but the carbs will help fight off those hunger roars thru the next morning.


#4 Shake Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a whole different ballpark, you know what you’re drinking for three days every time you grab a bottle from the fridge. Plus, you paid big money for those juices, so it’s not like you’re going to slack off now. For shakes, its much for lenient. You can certainly add ingredients into the shakes to make them heavier and make you feel fuller, but it’s super tempting licking that spoon of peanut butter or eating some of those extra blueberries. I honestly tried this shake cleanse two years ago around thanksgiving time and my body didn’t respond well. Don’t get me wrong, if shakes are your thing, by all means. They’re a great way to pack a lot of nutrients into one beverage, plus if you get a super tasty powder (like my favorite, Visalus) , you’re already winning.


#5 GOING Veggie

Another favorite of mine, going veggie. I recently did a veggie date night article which made me become a vegetarian for awhile. However, I truly loved the experience. Although I did miss my meat, I enjoyed trying new dishes and seeing vegetables/fruits in a new outlet. I try to eat lean meat once a day and then vegetables for the rest of my two meals (I’m sure you’ve seen my full-blown addiction to brussels sprouts on IG lately). Even finding vegetarian centric dishes at different restaurants was super fun. Living with a chicken wing and pizza lover, it’s certainly hard to go out to dinner and share plates if I’m being a veggie that night, but “going green” certainly makes me feel healthier and at the end of the day, much happier.

Quinoa Cakes at Beatrix

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