Nice to mEAT you

Ever since I had my huge weight loss experience, I’ve always been interested in trying new diets/ “lifestyles” – anything out of the ordinary to shake up my metabolism. Coming from a middle-class South Side household where meals were often frozen and out of a box, it was super hard at first to imagine eating healthy alternatives without feeling like I was starving. However, once I learned about following a Paleo lifestyle and more importantly, the food you were ALLOWED to eat while on Paleo, that feeling of “starving” and FOMO quickly melted away. From then on, I focused on avoiding carbs, processed foods, and even normal items that I thought were “healthy” (like peanuts, oatmeal, tofu, etc.).

However, now that my night life” almost always involve non-clean menu items, it’s hard to be as strict as I used to be, especially on my “nights-off.” After a quick google search, I found a handful of restaurants around Chicago that offer a Paleo version of their menu. Being top on the list, I knew I needed to try out mEAT. Located right off of Halsted in Boystown, this small bar centric restaurant is a great place to hang out, grab some drinks, and best of all, munch on CLEAN meat.

Although only some menu items are actually paleo or gluten-free friendly, don’t fret, those items are extremely filling. Knowing that my brussels sprout addiction has been in full swing lately, clearly that was a definite choice to start off with. Made with brussels, paleo bacon, then topped with olive oil and balsamic, each bite was savory, crunchy, and best of all, mEATy. And to answer your question, no, all of the components of the dish had the perfect amount of salt and smokiness. Pro tip: if you have enough room for another side dish, definitely get the cauliflower puree.


The next decision was trying to decide upon which of the seven paleo skewers to settle on. Ranging from mahi mahi to lamb chops to pork, you really can’t go wrong mixing and matching your proteins. Being polish & a lover of sausages, choosing the Cajun andouille and the seared scallops was a no brainer.


Sure, it doesn’t look like much, but each skewer was just enough to comfortably fill one person. Each bite of sausage was extremely flavorful and even more yummy once dipped into the spicy whole grain mustard sauce.


Of course it is easy to mess up a scallop dish, however, I’ve been fortunate enough to not have ever had tasted a scallop I didn’t like. Seasoned with simple, salt, pepper, and olive oil, these meaty medallions were simple and perfect. But the true highlight of the skewer was that side cup of apricot miso sauce – holy amazeballs.

With a quick 22 / 36 bus ride away, you can bet I’ll be back soon for a “clean eating” night out.

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