What’s the Buzz (Bait) in Old Town?

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name “Malnati?” Pizza right? Well ever since Marc opened up Buzz Bait, his newly unleashed seafood taco counter, his family name might start to be known for deep FISH instead of deep dish. And no, there is no pizza or anything related to his family’s biz being served there….With its doors still wide open, probably to counteract the cold weather vibes, Buzz Bait has already made a name for itself on Wells as the go-to-casual-taqueria.

Inspired by Marc Malnati’s West Coast experiences of trying to find the perfect fish taco, he developed recipes with the Lou Malnati’s  food team and created his urban and beachy location. I must warn you, the tacos, the sides, and even the drinks are LARGE and filling. Also, note that all taco orders contain TWO tacos. So be mindful when ordering.

“From the freshly made salsas, to the crisp and crunchy baja slaw, every component has been painstakingly thought out.”

While you patiently wait for your order and take in the atmosphere, starting off the meal with avocado, salsa, and chips is definitely the way to go. Although kind of heavy and greasy, the seasoned chips are a great way to get your tummy ready for your main course, plus an excuse to justify shoveling in loads of guac-salsa.


Once your order finally arrives, take a moment to appreciate what your eyeballs are showing you. Pure eye candy in taco form. First on the list to try (one of Marc’s inspirations): the BBQ Glazed Salmon taco. Filled with house smoked salmon, baja coleslaw, corn salsa, sweet chili sauce, cojito cheese, and topped with bourbon bacon, this taco hits every part of your palate with force.


Next on your order should be another one of Marc’s original West Coast’s inspiration: the Sweet & Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke. Made with Asian flavors like tequila soy dressing and teriyaki glaze, this taco goes from a normal taco to one that needs to be ordered every single time.  Marc’s flavors and quality ingredients elevate this taco from being average-joe to memorable.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

For those who like to mask their tequila and its flavors, try out the “jefe milkshake” for a not-too-sweet alternative. Don’t worry, it’s not overly sugary or boozy either, it’s an easy and tasty sip.


Although the cold weather prevents its doors from fully being opened, don’t fret. With its fresh and bold flavors, Buzz Bait still can still make you feel like you’re on the West Coast, or at least keep you warm with its giant portions.

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