Healthy(ier) Meals even your Sig. Other Will Like

One of the most difficult things about living with someone, dating someone, or just “talking” to someone is how to agree on what to make to eat? Of course we all WANT to eat pizza and cheesy tacos all the time (just like our +1s), but can we? Hell NO- not at least if you want to remain slender and sexy or in my case, in #shreddingforthewedding mode. Although it sucks choosing the “healthier” side of the spectrum over what our inner fat kid wants instead, we can go to sleep that night not feeling as guilty.  Instead of caving and joining my man in eating the “unclean”goodness, I’ve found ways we can make the same types of food much healthier. Of course one can never truly replicate the same flavors or taste JUST as good, but you can certainly save yourself a few hundred (or thousand) calories and swap out a few components.


First on the list is one of the most popular junk/fat kid food known to man, the infamous Pizza. Even though I personally love cauliflower, my fiance definitely does not. This was definitely the most difficult item to offer, but he even admitted that the cauliflower crust was “not as bad as he thought” translation: it’s safe for a guy to eat. A great Cauliflower Crust Pizza recipe I found was from Everything Erica. Of course you can add your own toppings, depending on what your man and you are in the mood for (like goat  cheese, asparagus, feta cheese, peppers, grilled onions, Applegate pepperoni, or even Applegate BACON). The only disclaimer I’d say about this item is that although it is extremely tasty, it is kind of tedious to make. If  you don’t have a food processor, I’d choose one of the other meals below instead.

Photo Courtesy of Smile Sandwich

Spaghetti & Meatballs

This carby culprit is a perfect romantic date night meal and we all know the drill too well. It’s either too good to not finish the oversized platter in the restaurant or it’s too easy to just overload with too much cheese while making at home. Either way, both situations result in two thing = baby food comas and bloatey (crabby) girlfriends. Although my fiance occasionally enjoys a bowl of pasta, I eat spaghetti squash all year round and make it just like I would for spaghetti and meatballs. Whether you boil, roast, or broil your spaghetti squash, it all really tastes the same. However, you notice a big difference once you pour your sauce, meat, or cheese on top and start munching. Instead of being left with a baby food-coma-belly, you feel light as a feather and super pumped your great workout from the morning wasn’t completely wasted. An awesome Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe I came across from recently was from Brett at Her Tasty Life. If you can get past the slightly weird texture of the spaghetti squash, I’d say give it a try. Your waistline will thank you.

Photo Courtesy of Her Tasty Life
Photo Courtesy of Her Tasty Life

Mac & Cheese

Especially with the weather cooling off and Daylight savings approaching, it seems like a no brainer to boil a pot of water and pop open a box of mac & cheese, right? Although it is much easier to make, consider an alternative that is not filled with crazy ingredients and FAKE powdered cheese. Something like Lake Shore Lady’s mac & cheese recipe. It may not be the MOST healthiest recipe because cheese and carby noodles are still used, but a whole head of broccoli is utilized as an addition to the cheese sauce (which still saves you a bunch of calories). To cut more calories, you can use cashew cheese instead, quinoa noodles, or even ZERO calorie noodles (they actually taste legit!). Even though slightly different, either way, I think your man or sig. other will still love this dish – mine did.

Photo Courtesy of Lake Shore Lady
Photo Courtesy of Lake Shore Lady


Although I haven’t been paleo for a LONG time, I still look on my favorite website ( for recipes when I want to avoid carbs and feel better about myself. Of course you can easily save yourself some big calories by swapping out your tortilla vessels for lettuce, that gets boring and sad really fast. However, if you’re up for a challenge and you don’t want to miss any chance of flavor or just eating a “normal” looking taco, try Juli’s Picadillo Tacos. She uses Must B Nutty’s almond flour tortillas in place of the normal corn/flour options. As unfortunate as it is, I don’t have any swaps for yummy tortilla chips and salsa. However, while your sig. other can eat all of the chips they desire, I would recommend swapping your normal chips with Terra Chips Sweets and Beets chips. They’re more HALF the calories, not to mention they’re delicious.

Photo Courtesy of Paleomg

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  1. Yay!! Thanks for including me in the roundup. Hope folks enjoy these awesome dishes!!


    1. aimeegasior says:

      absolutely! 🙂


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