Five Foods to Help You Feel GOOD (& detox)

Have you ever experienced those random days or even weeks where you feet bloated, sluggish, lethargic, or just blah and nothing seems to help (boys included!)??  I sure have- more than I’d like to admit. While running to CVS to get a box of weight loss pills, laxatives (guilty), or hopping on a strict diet of lemon water (guilty again) may help for a short period of time, these options definitely won’t cure the “blah” feeling in the long run. Although you may not want to eat in fear of just feeling even more gross, there are surprisingly a lot of foods that act as a natural detoxifier. And a lot of them are located in right in your neighborhood market.

  1. Cilantro

Besides being a natural anti-inflammatory and helping your body recover from sun damage, Cilantro plays a huge role in removing heavy metals from your body. No not like the after-buzz of Metallica – I’m talking about the gross buildup of metals in our bodies that cause depression, thyroid problems, cancer, and much more.  I know, I know, this herb is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, because of its crazy positive health benefits, I think you should definitely reconsider leaving the sprig on your entrée or at least throwing some leaves in your cocktail. I know I sure will!

Short Ribs and Red rice at Lula Cafe
2. Beets

Although beets have the highest sugar content of all vegetables, it’s okay to eat these beauties a few times a week and be totally fine. Not only can you enjoy their sweet, earthy flavor, but beets are also giant detoxification powerhouses  that excrete nasty toxins to purify your blood, liver, and and gall bladder. The best way to eat beets in my opinion is shredded on top of a giant leafy salad or on top of a thick layer of goat cheese.

Colored Beets at Boarding House
3. Bone Broth

Trust me, I wasn’t a believer until I tried this trendy item for myself. Made from the boniest bones from your selected animal, this broth is super rich in protein and insanely good for you. Besides sealing your gut (no, literally – it helps to seal up holes in your intestines), protecting your joints, bones, and helping you sleep better, bone broth is known to make you look younger! Why prick your skin with firming and plumping solutions when you can get a much more natural and cheaper source of collagen everyday? For a girl on a budget, homemade recipes are super cheap. However, if you’re in the mood to grab and go, my favorites are from the new Kitchfix store in Gold Coast and use the code “ONEFULLPLATE” for $2 off a drink or tub of bone broth!!

Chicken Bone Broth at Kitchfix
4. Sea Veggie Noodles

Who would want to eat noodles from the sea, right? (Rapidly raising my hand) These noodles, a.k.a. kelp noodles, are crazy high in antioxidants. They assist in alkalizing our blood and work to improve the health of our thyroids because of their special iodine content. Don’t worry, it’s not like the iodine that’s dangerous, they contain iodine or alginic acid that absorbs toxins in our digestive tract. If you’re not able to head to the nearest Asian grocery store, head to JuiceRx for their delicious and filling Thai almond flavored dish. This was  hands down the best and only delicious kelp noodles I’ve had to date!

Thai Almond Kelp Noodles from JuiceRx
5. Asparagus

Yes, it makes your pee smell, but for good reason. Loaded with many beneficial nutrients, asparagus’ main priority is being a natural diuretic. A.k.a.  transporting glucose from the bloodstream into cells and ridding the body of excess salts and toxins = the cause of the smell.  Of course the smell is hard to bear, but if you’re not in the mood for an all-day-hangover or laying around feeling bloated, munch on a few stalks to feel better. Although you might pee more, asparagus literally excrete the grossness from your body – I heard it can even help you sober up faster.

a girl and her food
Photo cred: @agirlandherfood

Happy Detoxing!

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