Antique Taco

Although the name of this place suggests images of  dusty trinkets, dainty furniture, and super old (and bland) taco recipes, don’t worry, Antique Taco ‘s atmosphere and food are anything but that.  Holding it down on the corner of Milwaukee and Wood, Antique Taco has been cranking out gourmet and humble tacos since 2012. Its Boho-grungy-vibes mixed with homey Mexican comfort food are just two of  the many reasons why this place  works.

To get any visit at AT going, start with the perfectly salted homemade tortilla chips and creamy guac. To help wash down the crunchy and spicy goodness, order a few colorful beverages like the seasonal margarita and Agua Fresca.

Repping both meat and vegetarian preferences, all of AT’s tacos are focused on simplicity and colorful presentation. For those who prefer their proteins to be “from-the-sea,” try the “crispy fish taco” for a spicy-crunchy-fried-super delicious bite. If animals are your game (all pun), order the “cumin lamb,” filled with spicy jalapeno, creamy, peppercorn yogurt, tangy pickled cabbage, and vibrant pea tendrils.

Although both of the handhelds were filling and ended with a”kick” from their sauce, my only complaint for the fish tacos was that the flavor of the fish was overpowered by its fried coating and tasted slightly bland on its own. However, the thing I will not forget is the insane quality of AT’s homemade tortillas. Not only were those tortillas fluffy, soft, and tender, each bite was perfectly chewy. Never have I had a more flavorful tortilla in my life (thus far).

IMG_0636 IMG_0642

While the tacos clearly take center stage, Antique Taco also offers thoughtfully created desserts, with a twist. Although appearing “normal” or “gimmicky-traditional” for a taco shop, AT’s concepts are focused on the basics, then scaled up a few notches.  Accompanied by cinnamon ice cream (amazing), and filled with oozing, warm Mexican chocolate and marshmallow, “abuelita’s pop tart” are familiar flavors, just with modernized packaging. The same goes for the “horchata milkshake” – it’s identifiable flavors are elevated by its unique execution. IMG_0645 IMG_0647 IMG_0648

In general, Antique Taco is both laid-back and a great deal all around. For example: not only are the tacos HUGE, but there are two in an order. After only (sharing) four or them and nibbling on some chips/guac, I was pretty full before dessert ($24/two people value).  Whether it’s for a super casual lunch or even a random dinner after work, Antique Taco is a great place to feel a “full” belly and kick off your shoes (not literally).

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