Juicing it up at JuiceRx

Whether your detoxing, trying to get your body back on track from eating out a lot (like I do), or just enjoying a bottle here and there, juicing is an excellent way to achieve that goal. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of juice cleanses and new flavors, but I’ve never come across a brand like JuiceRx.

Located in a cozy storefront in Old Town, JuiceRx focuses on delivering high quality juices to patrons, and let’s face it- being top dog in the juice arena. What separates JuiceRx from the rest of the juice vendors around town? It’s simple, there is a constant variety of flavors to choose from. From prior juicing experience,  most vendors I’ve used have a “set”number of flavors they rotate from, especially for cleanses. And if you’re cleansing for more than one day, you know as well as I do, that those flavors get old really fast. However, JuiceRx not only has a standard “set” of flavors, but they also produce and rotate seasonal flavors all year round.


Seeing that I’m trying to promote the sunshine these days (with this crazy Chicago weather), I’ve been gravitating towards brighter colors. My two favorite juices that I tried  were definitely the Gingerade and Liquid Gold.

Combining fresh-pressed orange and pear with lemon and tumeric gives the Liquid Gold a sweet flavor with a kick of spicy tang, an ideal drink for breakfast. On the flip side, the Gingerade is a perfect concoction for any time of the day, especially  for those of us who have joint inflammation. The combination of ginger, a dash of lemon, Vermont maple syrup, and stevia helps fight infection and speeds up detoxification, not to mention just tastes fresh and healthy.



In addition to its juices, Juice Rx also offers its house made elixirs. Although these little shots are only 2 oz., believe me, they are packed with superfood nutrition and antioxidants. While the Buzz gave off a surge of energy with its feisty finish of cayenne, the Clarity ‘s calming factors of fresh mint and pineapple made for a shot that was both relaxing and rejuvenating. The elixirs are perfect in addition to a cleanse or just to throw back as a pick-me-up.


For those who are looking for a healthy treat, but want something instead of liquid juices, try JuiceRx’s (small) selection of Organic and Vegan dishes. Out of the options such as “chocolate mousse,” health bars, granola, and salads, the “Thai Almond Kelp Noodles” were the show stopper. Not only are these kelp noodles an awesome alternative, but the amount of flavor that comes out of the almond butter sauce is incredible. Plus, this dish is a great option to help avoid the temptation of ordering GrubHub instead.

Because I’m a huge fan of a variety of flavors and trying different methods of cleansing, I’m a huge advocate for JuiceRx’s mission. Although its juices and items are more so on the pricier side of the spectrum, the level of quality and hospitality that is offered definitely beats out other juiceries around town.

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