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Before my food adventures had started to occur full force, I used to be an extreme health nut and followed a Paleo lifestyle (minus the crossfit). Now that I am constantly eating out and becoming less strict, my “new” diet sometimes feels overwhelming. While I try to maintain a healthy balance of eating better on my “nights off” of my foodie life, it’s definitely hard to prepare and store a nutritious, “clean” meal after a long day of work. However, I recently came across a local nutritious food service called “Kitchfix” that has been the answer to my prayers.

The idea of Kitchfix came about by founder, Josh Katt, who had previously studied the healing powers of food and developed a passion for using “food as medicine.” Inspired by his experiences preparing meals for cancer survivors, Josh made it his mission to prepare anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense ingredients in every product. Ever since 2012, Kitchfix has been producing organic, local, and natural pre-made dishes to the Chicagoland region, hoping to “heal” and provide people with nutritious and hearty meals.

Ranging from Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo (yes!), to even normal organic meals, Kitchfix caters to many types of lifetyles and dietary needs. Since I try to be Paleo when I can, I decided to indulge in a full paleo menu. Because I’ve been craving these for a while, I was intrigued by the Paleo “sloppy joe’s.” The roasted and spiced sweet potatoes alongside the almond crusted cauliflower are scrumptious accompaniments to the sautéed and flavored grass-fed beef. Even with the sweet potatoes acting as the “buns,” there wasn’t a moment during the meal where I missed the carbs. I instead felt happily-full and best of all, “clean.”


For those who prefer a smaller and lighter meal, but still bursting with flavor, the pork asian meatballs are an excellent option.  Crafted to resemble “take-out” Thai food, the meatballs sit on top of a bed of cilantro flavored cauliflower “rice” and next to hash of sautéed cabbage, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Each bite made it harder and harder to believe something that tasted so good was actually GOOD for you.


To prepare for those days where I just need some snacks on the go, Kitchfix’s honey-flax almond butter cookies have become the go-to treats I stash in my purse. As a fair precaution, I must warn you that these cookies are addicting. Baked fresh with organic ingredients such as almond flour, raw honey, and organic flax seeds, these delectable treats are the perfect substitutions and on-hand weapons for “unclean” food cravings.


Although I have tried other meal services, juice cleanses, and even making Paleo meals myself, I found that Kitchfix’s mission and overall quality ha quickly moved to #1 in my book. Because I am a victim of indulging and eating out more than I should nowadays, it’s made me realize (again) that no matter what, everyone needs a balance within their diet – no matter what type of schedule or excuses they have. Even though the prices of this food service may seem somewhat high, clean and quality food, especially within pre-made meals, are deserving of their value. Not to mention, their service is accompanied with excellent customer service and incentives.

Kitchfix satisfies the need for those who want a quick, healthy, and delicious meal on the go, minus all of the calories. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in Whole Foods or at Plum Market on separate ingredients, take the easier route and have Kitchfix do all of the hard work for you.

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Kitchfix, Individual Photos: Aimee Gasior

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