I Want Candy!

Because food and staying healthy are big parts of my life, learning how to balance my lifestyle over the years has been an everyday struggle. One question that I always ask my friends, fellow foodies, really anyone I meet is, “how do you balance it all and not get out of control?”

A few years ago, in attempt to change up my workouts, I started taking a few indoor cycling classes at Flywheel Chicago. After attending many sessions and “testing” out many of the instructors, I came across Candy. Just by hearing the sound of the music in the stadium before class (which at the time, was a loud-club-dance mix), I could tell right away that Candy was different from the other instructors. Not only did she win my heart by her choice of music (club/rap/rock/oldies), but she yelled during class, AND called you out if you weren’t performing to the fullest. That’s definitely my type of a workout. Because of the results I got after one of Candy’s classes, I began to attend Flywheel only during her sessions, joining her loyal following. It wasn’t until I started taking private training classes with Candy (outside of FLY) did I learn a little about her background.
candy 3

Although Candy is the most chiseled woman I’ve ever met and makes her workouts look easy (seriously), I learned that she herself has had a journey with balancing food and fitness, just like the rest of us. Since I find it interesting and helpful to learn from others, I had the pleasure of picking Candy’s brain on a few topics during a personal interview.

Besides being a kickass Fly instructor and a role model, she has also become a good friend. I couldn’t be more excited or proud to share her experiences and thoughts on how SHE balances her full crazy plate:

How long have you been training/teaching? What locations have you been involved with?

I’ve been teaching Group Fitness since 1999 and started Personal Training in 2000. I started at the New City YMCA and taught and trained at gyms such as XSport Fitness, Crunch, Fitness Formula, LA Fitness, Big Reds Athletic Club, and Flywheel.

What motivated you to want to make healthier choices within your lifestyle?

I’ve always been aware that I was out of shape and needed to get my life in order, but what sparked this change was when a co-worker told me verbatim, “Your ass is getting huge and you need to lose weight!” The following day, I went cold turkey on a diet and started working out. I’ve always been mentally driven and focused on whatever I put my mind to, so this was just another task I was willing to take on. Although it started as THE most challenging thing I have ever done in my life including childbirth, I knew that I could do what others did who were in impeccable shape. My goal was to get where they were and I was

never going to give up

What was or is the most difficult part of staying healthy?

The most difficult part of being healthy WAS the eating. Our diet is EVERYTHING when it comes time for a lifestyle change. I love the active portion of diet and exercise, but my diet beforehand was just awful.

What is your fitness routine now? 

I wake up and workout religiously in my home every single day before I go outside. Whether it be kickboxing, step aerobics, weight lifting, the elliptical, a mixture of all, I make sure to do that every day. I also teach 11 classes at Flywheel Chicago and take several classes there throughout the week.

flywheel 2

Do you have any diet habits? 

I am not on any diets. I do however, never drink alcohol or eat sweets. I eat salads, peanut butter sandwiches, drink water all day, and occasionally order out Chinese, pizza, or go out to a nice restaurant with my friends and family.

What is your guilty pleasure?

If Sun chips are guilty, then that’s about it. I love french fries and can eat that at the drop of a hat!

What is your favorite food/restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is Yens. It’s a Chinese restaurant and I love chinese food!

What is your favorite thing to do during your down time?

During my down time which is rare, I like to spend time alone at home and just watch television.

What’s been the most rewarding experience so far?

I truly believe that where I am now, Flywheel Chicago, is the most rewarding experience. Why? Because throughout the last 20 plus years of my fitness experience, I have never seen the drive and commitment of our Flywheel community! The riders are constantly setting higher goals to better themselves whether its through better total power numbers, higher RPM’S, higher torque, them both combined, higher current powers throughout the entire ride, higher calorie burns, longer duration of pushes, longer times out the saddle, more weight loss etc etc… The list goes on and ON!!!

candy 2

In a perfect world, what would be your ideal job?

My ideal job would be to Personal Train people for free. I love coaching and talking to people to get down to the root of their problems which in turn will lead them to a more active and healthier lifestyle.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I love Chicago and wouldn’t think of living elsewhere unless my family moved there as well. I’m extremely close to my family, and wherever they are, I will follow.

Who is your role model?

My role model is God. I won’t get into religion, but my eyes are upon Him every second of everyday.

Do you have any words for all of us out there trying to balance our full plate ?

That we are not in control of what happens in our lives, so whatever we are going through, make time to love yourself more than anyone in the world and appreciate you. Always take time for you. You cannot be there for others unless you’re there for yourself. You are the most important human being and because of that, you deserve the world and deserve to take care of the blessing that is in you. We have 24 hours in a day, what is 1 out of your day going to hold you back from? The world will go on without you being present for someone else just for that 1 hour. So take that, and make a difference in your world instead of somebody else’s.

Do you have any motivational words of wisdom?

Remember 3 things:
1) If you have to question what goes in your mouth, don’t eat it!
2) Never ever give up
3) No excuses


You can find Candy teaching at Flywheel, on iG: Candeathlete or Fb

Photos courtesy of Flywheel & Candy Morales

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