Scone-Cold Spring

While reflecting on my time in London – mostly on its amazing tea service (see my review of the Langham Hotel), one thing that I’ve been craving around Chicago is a proper scone. Ever since I visited the UK, it seems like I could never find one with the right consistency. Some are too mushy, some are brick hard, none that are

“just right.”

However, while browsing on Eater, I saw an article on a place that was opening up called “Scone City.” Intrigued, I read the article and decided to head over there once it opened. What I found was incredible -a place that totally is devoted to just SCONES (well, and coffee). Scone City is more of a sophisticated Starbucks, minus the extra dessert and too-complicated drink menu. Not only is SC a great and inviting environment to relax in, it’s pure eye-candy. The simple light colors and brick walls make you feel like you’re in a quiet and homey escape- not to mention it has great lighting for IG pictures.

Serrano pepper, chorizo, chihuaha cheese, and cilantro
Brie, honey, and thyme
Brie, honey, and thyme

Not being that much of a sweet-lover, I appreciated the fact that there were both “sweet” and “savory” options to choose from. Although I had a few different scones, my favorites were definitely (in order):

1. Brie, honey, & thyme

2. Blueberry with lemon glaze

3. Serrano Pepper, chorizo, chihuaha cheese, & cilantro.

Although the #1 scone was topped with creamy brie and and soft whipped honey butter, this scone was not overly sweet. Not to mention, the consistency and the moisture of this scone was spot on, the perfect crunch.


Food Pics : Yours truly & Interior Photos: Eric Kleinberg

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